This is an interesting time.   All at the same time it feels like there is a lot more and a lot less going on in our lives.

This can be an especially challenging time for people with ADHD. Routines are disrupted, we have more unstructured time, and there is a lot of additional noise from the news. We may feel stress in a new kind of way.  But you can create new routines / structure which can support you and even relieve pressure. 

If you would like support creating structure and/or moving through the organizing process feel free to look at some options below or give me a call to talk though the possibilities.  Let’s create a new normal together! 
Virtual organizing support – Here is a bit about how it works.

How do we meet?
•other – I’m open to suggestions
What do we do?
•organize: paper, schedules, stuff, 
•learn about: focus, motivation, activation, completion
•plan: the day, the week, actions / to-do’s, structure
What do You do? 
open, sort, containerize, label, 
schedule, plan, reflect, converse
What do I do?
verbally facilitate the organizing process, listen, ask questions, watch, suggest, articulate, show, be a supportive presence

15 Minute Block


30 Minute Block


One hour Block


*Some sliding scale fees available

How do I schedule?

If you are new, call me (734.389.5182) for an initial 20-30 minute phone call in order to learn about each other. At the end of the call we’ll decide how it makes sense to proceed. Initial phone calls are always free. 

If we have already worked together:

• call or e-mail or text me and we’ll schedule a time. 

I am also exploring a calendaring system for automatic appointments. 

Susan helped

our team at Quest Martial Arts to tame our clutter problems and manage our systems better. She consulted with us and her suggestions proved priceless as we implemented them in a three-day cleaning rampage. We constantly heard Susan’s voice “keep things together that you do together” or “make sure everything has a home.” Susan also assisted our four-person team in making decisions and strategizing our plan. It took a daunting task and made it bite-size and successful. In fact, it was so successful, our cleaning company called us to congratulate us on our results and told us they were able to clean spaces they had previously not been able to get to. Thanks Susan!

Donna Copeland, Owner and Instructor at Quest Martial Arts