Susan brings intelligence, training, good humor, and neutrality to her sessions, creating a safe, and most amazingly of all, fun atmosphere – Sari Solden

These pictures, thoughts and ideas come from my work with clients. Perhaps they will help you along in your journey.


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June Newsletter: The Pause

Background It’s true, finding homes for items is a crucial step in organizing.  As we continue through the organizing process, we get excited to put our various articles away.  Knowing…



A Home for Backpacks

PROBLEM: My kids come in the door after school and they drop their backpacks wherever. I trip over them, they can’t remember where they left them, and it makes the…
anderson paint

Break Up the Shelf

PROBLEM: Things get scattered around on my shelf, so I can’t find what I’m looking for. SOLUTION: Anderson Paint in Ann Arbor has the perfect solution. Find a way to…