Welcome to the Strategize Organizer 5th anniversary photo tip contest.

This is how the contest works-

It’s single elimination tournament with eight pictures.  Each week two picture tips will be posted. You can vote for the picture tip you like best. To be eligible to win the T-Shirt you need to also leave your name and email at the bottom of this page. You can vote/comment once a week to improve your chances to win! After the best photo tip is identified at the end of the contest, all emails will be entered into a random name selector web app. The person who is chosen will receive a free Strategize Organize T-Shirt.

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This week vote between:

Baking Supplies TogetherBaking Supplies Together Boxes inside DrawersBoxes inside Drawers

Keep track of the contest progress with this bracket!

Last week the Keys won!!! See Results here!




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