Welcome to the Strategize Organizer 5th anniversary photo tip contest.

This is how the contest works-

It’s single elimination tournament with eight pictures.  Each week two picture tips will be posted. You can vote for the picture tip you like best. To be eligible to win the T-Shirt you need to also leave your name and email at the bottom of this page. You can vote/comment once a week to improve your chances to win! After the best photo tip is identified at the end of the contest, all emails will be entered into a random name selector web app. The person who is chosen will receive a free Strategize Organize T-Shirt.

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This week vote between:

Option for the Non-Pull Out Shelf

PROBLEM: I have deep cupboards in my kitchen and the shelves don’t pull out. It is impossible for me to get to the things in the middle and back of the shelves.

SOLUTION: Put a tray, baking pan, plastic bin, or cardboard box on the shelf, which can act like a pull out shelf. You can slide the bin part way out or take it all the way out in order to access what you need. The space behind the bin can be used for taller things that are less often used and the area beside the bin can be
lined with the same item so you know exactly what is there.

HINT: You might want to put felt strips on the bottom of the container so that as you slide it in and out it doesn’t scratch the shelf.

Boxes inside Drawers

PROBLEM: I can’t find things in my kitchen drawer.

SOLUTION: Use smaller containers to group like items together. In this picture there are 6 different box bottoms: tissue, cereal, tea, and a box that came with a book in it.

HINT: Note the space created between the box groups – the whisk fits well here.

Keep track of the contest progress with this bracket!

Last week the Lazy Susans up High reached the finals!!! See Results here!



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