Cereal Box

A way to reuse a cereal box in an organizing project. Cut off the bottom 1/8 of a cereal box. Use the boxes for drawer dividers and holders. The boxes are great for pens, little pads of paper, etc.


How much is enough?  When the space is full – it’s enough. In this picture, there is space for more paper bags…but when the space is full – no more paper bags!

Shelf Options

Shelves can feel less cluttered and pieces can be more appreciated by putting less on each shelf. The pitcher and cups are on one shelf. The green bowls and fancy piece / brown bowls each get a shelf.

Sheet Organization

Here is an easy way to keep track of your sheets.
Take the bottom and top sheet and put it inside the matching pillow case. Now you are ready to store (and easily retrieve) them.
*This idea comes from my friend Liz who I think read about it in Martha Stewart.