Hi, I'm Susan!

.  I wasn’t always an organizer, but I’ve always enjoyed organization.  I was born in Indiana and spent my childhood living there and in Haiti. I was an elementary school teacher for 12 years in Chicago and London and spent a sabbatical in Mexico studying Spanish. Later, I graduated from Ohio State with a Masters in Integrated Teaching and Learning —the study of created culture. 

My background gave me an understanding of two main principles:


I love helping to create spaces that enhance learning and life activities.


I love helping people find solutions that work for their individual challenges.

Business and Specialties

In 2007 I started my second career as owner of Strategize Organize LLC with the same passion, interest in individual learning styles, and commitment that I had in my teaching career.  I have worked with stay-at-home parents, teachers, and small business owners with great success. I specialize in working with people who have Chronic Disorganization and/or ADHD/ADD.  My clients feel stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, or at their wits end, AND they are people with interests, experiences, strengths, challenges, values, and dreams.

What I Bring

My clients trust me to be a kind and caring professional.  They say that I am interested in their process and respect their strengths and struggles. I arrive on time and bring my own indoor shoes to wear in their space.  I’ll never insist that my clients throw something out; I help them make decisions that are best for them.  They keep their self-respect, but let go of the stuff that is keeping them from meeting their goals.   I realize how uncomfortable it can be for clients to have an organizer in their space. Teaching taught me to listen in a nonjudgmental way and to see my clients as knowing, learning, and authentic individuals.

Relationship with Clients

I affirm diversity and inclusiveness in my life and my work with clients.  I enjoy working with any person who is interested in being reflective about themselves and their process.  The relationship is a partnership where we create awareness and gain new insights.  The client tries out strategies and learns from their efforts. As an organizer with coaching training, I bring coaching skills to the organizing project.

About Me

In addition to thoroughly enjoying my job as professional organizer, I also enjoy hiking in Bird’s Hill, tending to our yard and rain garden, playing games, visiting with friends, and hanging out with my partner, Trevor, and kitty, Neko, both of whom make me laugh.

MA in Integrated Teaching and Learning from The Ohio State University


Participates in NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing)

Golden Circle Member

Part of organizing industry for a minimum of five years

Member and Past Director of Professional Development

Participates and volunteers for NAPO Michigan

Volunteer Coordinator, Chronic Disorganization Specialist, ADD/ADHD Specialist

takes ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) classes, attends ICD annual conference


IAC Certified Organizer Coach Foundation Training Program

Completed The Organizing Specialists Training/Mentor Program


Sari Solden

Sari Solden

MS, Author of Women with ADD

Susan brings all her intelligence, training, good humor, and neutrality to her sessions, creating a safe, and most amazingly of all, fun atmosphere to her work with clients. Susan exudes warmth and sensitivity, is highly knowledgeable and professional, and I highly recommend her.”

Debbie Merion

Debbie Merion

MSW, Author of The College Admission Puzzle

Susan helps me be my own best employee. Her smiling face and creative, intelligent, and consistently effective suggestions lighten my day and focus my week. I am grateful to her for her assistance in reaching my goals, including my MFA. I love working with her, and recommend her highly, without reservation.

Allison Lush

Allison Lush

CPO, allisonlush.ca

Susan has been volunteering in my team at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) since September 2013. Susan is an absolute pleasure to work with, bringing her passion for education as well as her professionalism to the job. In addition to the quality work she provides, Susan is unfailingly positive. We are very fortunate that Susan chooses to volunteer with ICD.

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