February 28, 2016
by Susan Hunsberger

Newsletter February: Unexpected Moments


Over the last month I haven’t been as busy with clients as I often am.  As a business owner, this can give me pause.  But I remind myself of what every experienced business person says, and that is to take advantage of your slower times and work on things that you don’t always make time for. I’m happy to report that I have had a really good time taking part in seminars and other learning opportunities, connecting to new (to me) related professionals, updating technology (okay that wasn’t so fun, but it was necessary), and spending more time with friends and family.  For example, I was able to take a few days and travel to North Carolina and see my niece play in a volleyball tournament and hang out with my sister and brother-in-law—such fun! Anyway, this experience is a perfect example of a really cool reframe.  With lots of wise people encouraging a reframe of nervousness to opportunity, I believe that this last month was in fact valuable.  I’m in a good place and business is beginning to pick-up again.

To read more: Click on this link to access the Organizing Tips: Unexpected Moments – February 2016 newsletter.

January 15, 2014
by Susan Hunsberger

“I can just do this one more thing.”


If you find yourself saying this, STOP and take a minute (literally) to think.  Look at your calendar or think about your next event is scheduled.  Ask yourself –

  • “by squeezing in x what will happen to my already scheduled y”
  • “what impact will me doing x have on me, the people around me, my time, and their time”
  • “do I know how long x will take”?