February 19, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

What Makes It through Your Front Door?

RROBLEM: I love to buy things but they just add to the clutter when I bring them home.

SOLUTION: Make a list of what you are going to buy and buy what is on your list. When you put something on your list make sure you think through the whole process of what needs to happen in order for that item to function in your house. Here are some questions to ask:
1. Do you have a home for that item?
2. If something occupies the space where the new item
is going to go, what will happen to the old item.
3. Do you have time for the new item (assembling, dealing with packaging and little pieces, deconstruction the old item)?

HINT: Stay out of stores where your impulse is to buy.

November 4, 2010
by Susan Hunsberger

And this Photo?!

PROBLEM: Small business owners are sent pictures and cards from their clients. The owners always ask, “What do I do with all of these?”

SOLUTION: One option is to have a designated space for display of client thank you cards/pictures. The space can be a picture frame, box frame, picture carousel, photo album, or even a bulletin board. But the important part of this idea is to systematize the process. For example, with every new picture that comes in, an old one goes out. Decide on the what “out” means. Is out, the trash, a folder, or a drawer? When that space is full what will happen then? Once you have these questions answered / systems developed it will be a joy to receive cards and pictures from clients. No more, “What do I do with this!”.