May 23, 2013
by Susan Hunsberger

“Mom/dad, where are my stickers?”


My kids don’t put their things away. They always ask me where everything is.

Have your kids decide on homes for their things. After they have decided, have them give the homes labels. Here, a 5 year old has labeled her jewelry and stickers drawers. (So nice, eh?!)

Help create the habit of putting things in their homes. At the end of each day, set a timer and see how long it takes to get everything in its home.

May 11, 2012
by Susan Hunsberger

What’s in a Label?

PROBLEM: I need people other than me to know what goes where.

SOLUTION: The TeaHaus of Ann Arbor has the right idea – use labels. Owners Lisa McDonald and husband Marc Hewko not only facilitate easy retrieval and easy put-away with their labels, Lisa and Mark also use pictures, words, and numbers on their labels to efficiently communicate information. Check it out – it’s inspirational.

HINT: They’ve written each label with the same format: number, tea name, another set of numbers, the tea group and a picture. The consistency in labeling allows you to quickly access what you are looking for.

June 10, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

Labels Aren’t Just for Kids

PROBLEM: I know that it sounds strange but I don’t put away my clean laundry because I can’t immediately remember where it goes. Also, I don’t wear some of my clothes because I can’t remember
where to find them.

SOLUTION: Labels can really be helpful for kids and adults. You can keep a label on a drawer long term or until you no longer need it.

HINT: You can use post-its for the short term and label maker tape or regular tape for more long term solutions. If you are worried about the tape leaving a mark you can always hang a string with the label around the knob.

April 22, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

A Purpose for Each Shelf and Drawer

PROBLEM: When I come home from shopping I stick my groceries here and there. Then when I need my tea, pancake mix, or macaroni and cheese I can’t find them.

SOLUTION: Give each shelf and drawer a specific purpose. For example, this shelf is for pasta or this drawer is for coffee supplies. The key is to only put items that belong to that category in that drawer or on that shelf.

HINT: It might be helpful to label the shelves while getting used to their purpose.

March 18, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

Sorting Using Labels

PROBLEM: When I sort I forget what my categories are.

SOLUTION: Label the piles.

HINT: For an easy and cost effective label write the label on a piece of scrap paper, tear it out, then write the next label. If you are worried about the labels moving, you can use a post-it note.

August 23, 2010
by Susan Hunsberger

Over-the-Door Organizer


Use an over-the-door shoe organizer for items other than shoes. Put like things together in the pockets. Label the pockets that make sense to label – high pockets or pockets that belong to different family members. Sample items that can nicely fit in organizer – pills, pet supplies (combs, nail clippers), suntan lotion, lint roller, band-aid box, insect repellent, thermometer.  Some people like the clear over-the-door organizers because you can easily see the contents of the pockets.