November 16, 2012
by Susan Hunsberger

A Gift Wrapping Station

PROBLEM: I love to give gifts. Part of what I enjoy is the process of wrapping them. However, I often don’t even end up giving the gift because I can’t find my wrapping supplies.

SOLUTION: Find a way to consolidate your supplies. Bring them together either in a bin, on a cart, or in a drawer. And keep your supplies simple.

Owner, Lisa Roberts, shows us how they have done this at Rock Paper Scissors in Ann Arbor. They have a cart that holds four colors of ribbon, bags that are of one color, a few kinds of wrapping paper (including neutral brown), tape, and scissors. Lovely!

HINT: If you prefer to use re-usable cloth bags or re-use wrapping paper, the same idea applies. Bring the supplies together, keep the ones that make the process simple, and give them a home.