June 17, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

Transporting Files

PROBLEM: I have a job where I need to transport files. I can’t keep track of what files are where.

SOLUTION: Choose some sort of holder for you files. It can be an according file (like in the picture) or a bag with a zipper. One goal is to choose something where the files won’t spill out when they are being transported. A second goal is to be purposeful about choosing a specific holder. By having a specific holder you always know where to look for the files that aren’t in your file cabinet. Also, you don’t have to figure out what to carry them in every time you leave your office.

HINT: If you find it difficult to return the files to the their correct spot in the filing cabinet, mark the spot with a post
it note.

March 25, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

Packed Filing Cabinet

PROBLEM: It’s really hard for me to file papers because my filing cabinet is packed. There’s no room for me to slip a piece of paper into the file and when I try to pull a file out three others come out with it.

SOLUTION: The first step is to recognize that a packed filing cabinet is a problem and often leads to people not filing or accessing the information they need. The next step is set aside some time to start sorting through your files and moving along those papers you no longer need. Here’s an immediate solution that you can use while you are working on sorting through your filing cabinet. Get a box or crate and when you use a file put it in the crate. The crate then becomes the place for your everyday files.

HINT: Before a file goes into the box or create, do a sort of the papers.

February 11, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

I Don’t Want to File My Papers!

PROBLEM – I don’t like to file. My papers build up because I can’t seem to make myself do it.

SOLUTION – Use a timer. We can do almost anything for a short period of time. Set the timer for 10 minutes (or whatever amount of time works for you) and start filing. As soon as the timer rings – you’re done!

HINT – Start with your most recent papers and work backwards.

January 6, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

Binder for Papers

PROBLEM – I don’t like to file my papers but I still want to organize them.

SOLUTION – A three ring binder can be a good alternative to files. You can have categories inside one binder or have a binder for each different category. There are many different category options: financial, household appliances, children, health, etc. Within each binder you can make subcategories using dividers.

HINT – Plastic sheet protectors are useful to use with binders because you don’t need to punch holes in the papers, papers are easily visible and accessible, and the sheet protector allows for all sorts of items to be included because the protector is a pocket.

November 23, 2010
by Susan Hunsberger

Files – left tab, right tab, either tab?

PROBLEM– I look into my filing cabinet and there appears to be no order. It is hard for me to focus and find what I’m looking for.

SOLUTION – Use the tabs to help create order. Use the same tab position for files that go together. When a new category is created switch to a different tab position. This picture illustrates left tab, right tab and then back to left tab, right tab.

HINT- If you have a left tab folder and need a right, turn the folder inside out.

July 30, 2010
by Susan Hunsberger

Freezer Basket for Files


It might be nice to have a place to put a group of files that are related and transportable. Here an old freezer basket was used to serve this purpose.  Most people probably don’t have an old freezer basket hanging around but you might have something else that works really well.