May 18, 2012
by Susan Hunsberger

Take the Doors Off

PROBLEM: I’m a visual person and I forget what I have unless I see it. If there is anything behind a door, it is gone from my consciousness.

SOLUTION: Owner Mary Cambruzzi of Found Gallery in Ann Arbor, has a great idea. She takes the doors off of some of her cupboards in order to make the contents visible. Does this solution seem like it might work for you?

HINT: Taking the doors off the cupboard above your refrigerator is especially helpful. This cupboard can be hard to access and by taking the doors off, it can become a place to display pretty pitchers or bowls.

November 25, 2011
by Susan Hunsberger

Lazy Susans up High

PROBLEM: I can’t reach the items in the back of my top cupboards.

SOLUTION: Use a Lazy Susan for your top cupboards. Turn the Lazy Susan and easily access the items in the back of your cupboards.

HINT: Put light items on the Lazy Susans in the high cupboards. Travel mugs are shown in the picture.