The Rolling Option

Sometimes rolling clothes is the perfect option for interestingly sized spaces. Rolling these long sleeve t-shirts allows more shirts to be stored and makes them easier to access than if they were folded.

By Susan Hunsberger, ago

Prior to

seeking out Susan’s guidance .. I had a preconceived notion that a Home Organizer wouldn’t give me much of a choice other than: “Keep”, “Donate”, or “Throw-Out”. I was afraid I’d be forced to get rid of things before I truly understood why I still have them. But with Susan, it’s been a remarkable experience … full of emotion, soul-searching, tears, enlightenment, and lots of laughter. Susan has every attribute that has made this experience one that I always look forward to … and don’t fear … because she earned my trust on Day One … actually … even before that. Susan earned my trust and respect when she spent an hour on the phone with me for our initial conversation.