"I had to take a deep breath and put my embarrassment aside. When she showed up for our first appointment. . her warmth, her calm disposition, and her non-judgmental nature put me at ease instantly." – A.M.

The First Phone Call

There is an initial phone conversation of 20-30 minutes.

Clients talk about why they are calling now and their prior experiences with organizing. The organizer talks about her style, what happens next, and what they can expect.

The First Session

If the organizer and perspective client feel like it makes sense to move to the next step, a two and a half hour first visit is scheduled.

At the end of the first visit if client and organizer feel that there is a good fit a next date is set and the ype of organizing service is determined.

A Typical Session

We start with a conversation/ reflection on what the client has noticed in-between sessions.

What’s working, what do we need to continue to experiment with?
What’s being discovered about time and motivation?
What are goals are for the day?

We get to work.

We go though the organizing process.
Along the way we may take time outs to look at decision making and patterns of action.

We get back to go.

We end with the space in good working order.
Recycling taken out, donations in car, items in homes etc.

We Wrap up.

At the end we’ll discuss what the client wants to work on before the next appointment and the logistics around how that will happen and anticipate any roadblock that may come up.


  • phone/skype/facetime organizing
  • hands-on organzing, 
sorting and organizing in space
  • check-ins
: daily, weekly, or monthly and by phone, e-mail, or text
  • consultations


Fees are based on a variety of factors:

  • Time it takes client to make purging decisions.
  • Amount of “homework” completed between sessions.
  • Length of project and involvement of organizer.
  • Type of organizing service: hands-on, consultations, and phone organizing.

    Several Fee Structures are available:

      • hourly rates based on services provided
      • package deals
      • student packages