"The one and only Susan Hunsberger, the most gentle, steady, upbeat and persistent co-worker I know" - CA

My Clients

My typical clients are adults and students with ADHD and/or chronic disorganization. 

ADD or ADHD is a brain based condition that affects attention, self control, organization, focus (hyper focus or jumping from thing to thing), follow through, and sometimes fidgeting. 

Chronic Disorganization differs from Situational Disorganization which is difficulty in organizing as a result of a new situation in one’s life (death, a new baby, grandparents moving into a new house). Chronic Disorganization includes three parts. 


Disorganization has been a factor for much of one's life.


Disorganization persists despite repeated efforts.

Quality of Life

Disorganization affects quality of life in a deep and intense way every single day.

Sample difficulties of my clients:

  • getting started and finishing
  • knowing where and how to get started
  • feeling time – knowing how long things take, getting places on time
  • remembering – what I'm working on
  • finding things
  • prioritizing – what to work on first



People with AD/HD and or chronic disorganization – If you are feeling shame, guilt, and/or embarrassment – no worries – I’ve seen and heard it all. I don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. I value talking with clients and creating room for new perspectives and together coming up with solutions and systems that people envision themselves using. 

Students – School transitions can be hard: elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to professional school or college, and college to graduate school. Being organized helps students get better grades and maintain confidence and achieve career goals. I can help!

Joe, Sixth Grader

“Susan helped me figure out/make a system so now I’m able to find my papers and finish my homework.  My grades have improved.”

Joe's Mother

“Its’ been wonderful working with Susan.  My son feels much better about school now, and so do we.”

Ann Arbor Client

“It’s a lot easier for me to go through papers when Susan is here and even when she’s not here it’s easier! It’s less overwhelming because there’s a system in place. I am getting better at it.”