in spaces or by phone

sorting and organizing in space

daily, weekly, or monthly and by phone, e-mail, or text

30-60 minutes with time for questions


  • students
  • people with AD/HD
  • individuals
  • parents
  • couples with different organizing styles
  • kids
  • teachers
  • small business owners


Organizing systems are created to fit client needs.
Confidentiality is part of every organizing project.

•The chart below shows spaces where the organizer works and project possibilities.

WHO organizer works with examples of WHAT materials to organize space WHERE organizer works
elementary, middle school, high school students backpacks, lockers, planners, notebooks, study space school, home
people with AD/HD laundry, papers, projects, time, focus, to-dos home, offices
parents, kids, first time home owners, apartment renters memorabilia, tableware, cookware, laundry, clothes, boxes, toys, kids’ paper, sports equipment, decorations, mail, paper homes, offices
university students course material, notes, files, to-dos, learning spaces dorm rooms, apartments
teachers math manipulative, science equipment, writing material, books, papers, files elementary classrooms
small business owners papers, files, projects, supplies offices

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Prior to

seeking out Susan’s guidance .. I had a preconceived notion that a Home Organizer wouldn’t give me much of a choice other than: “Keep”, “Donate”, or “Throw-Out”. I was afraid I’d be forced to get rid of things before I truly understood why I still have them. But with Susan, it’s been a remarkable experience … full of emotion, soul-searching, tears, enlightenment, and lots of laughter. Susan has every attribute that has made this experience one that I always look forward to … and don’t fear … because she earned my trust on Day One … actually … even before that. Susan earned my trust and respect when she spent an hour on the phone with me for our initial conversation.