If your problem is:
  • finding your things
  • having stacks of papers that grow and grow
  • creating a work space
  • being successful in school: turning in assignments on
    time, using a planner and keeping track of assignments
  • I can help! Together we can create a roadmap for success, so you can reduce stress and frustration and feel more confident.
Why I can help:
  • I have 13 years of teaching experience. I understand learning styles, motivation, and setting manageable goals. But most importantly I love working with each unique individual and situation.
  • Through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), I am a  specialist in Chronic Disorganization and have a Certificate of Study in ADHD.



Confidentiality, attentiveness, and understanding are important to me in my work with clients.
Students – School transitions can be hard: elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to professional school or college, and college to graduate school. Being organized helps students get better grades and maintain confidence and achieve career goals. I can help!


People with AD/HD – If you are feeling shame, guilt, and/or embarrassment – no worries – I’ve seen and heard it all. I don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. I love talking with clients and together coming up with solutions and maintenance systems that people can envision themselves using.  I can help!


No purchase solutions –  People tend to think that they need to buy a variety of organizing supplies. Buying supplies before knowing what is needed can make life more complicated and can lead to unnecessary expense. Most of the time, materials that clients already have are usable in an organizing project. If you want less complication and expense, I can help!


Recent Posts

November Newsletter: The Move from Luxury to Accommodation


Terry Matlen, writer, blogger, and ADHD consultant, recently wrote a blog post re-imagining the distinctions between a luxury vs. an accommodation.  I liked this idea so much that I decided to c359bfa2-7c05-4778-9b83-fc95b62a215cplay around with it a bit.

Accommodations for ADHD 

Having been a teacher before I became a professional organizer, I know that schools provide a variety of “accommodations” for students.  Some common ADHD accommodations include receiving more time for testing, sitting at the front of the class, or even walking around during a lecture.  We understand the particular challenges for ADHD students:  managing time, planning, prioritizing, getting started, shifting focus, and/or managing emotions.

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October Newsletter: The Leftovers


Getting started on an organizing project is half the challenge.  What’s the other half, you wonder?  It’s putting away the leftovers.  In organizing, starting can be incredibly hard, sorting can be okay, making 014d3257-bcf8-40d6-b5cc-62be287d3feddecisions and finding homes can be empowering (although yes, challenging, too), but dealing with the leftovers – the stuff that needs to be moved or donated or taken out to the trash or put who knows where else – that’s hard, even painful!

To read more: Click on this link to access the Leftovers – October 2016 newsletter.






September Newsletter: On Multitasking, Mindfulness and Moods


Happy fall!  I love this time of year.  Besides the rust-red leaves, the thick-necked sweaters, and the pumpkin-spiced everything, autumn also means the annual Institute for Challenging Disorganization Conference, where we wacky eb1777e7-35c8-4b10-b6f0-6b9aa650ae54organizer types learn a lot and laugh a lot and connect with organizer friends, new and old.  This year was especially rich, so I wanted to share with you a few highlights.


Satwant Singh spoke about “Reclaiming Space & Life.”  My favorite idea?  How so much of success depends on being curious about yourself.  If you have a cat, then you already live with a curiosity Buddha.  Cats question everything.

To read more: Click on this link to access the On Multitasking, Mindfulness and Moods – September 2016 newsletter.


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